Search Influencer Boot Camp

After more than year, I decided to make this program available for free to the public.


E-Commerce Boot Camp members are invited to take part in this exclusive Search Engine Marketing Training Workshop Online where latest developments in search engine marketing shall be discussed.

Target audience:

  • Business owners wanting to put up their own e-commerce website.
  • Marketing professionals who get tasked to maintain an existing e-commerce website or build a new one.
  • New web developers who would like to seek additional inputs in building an e-commerce website.

Outline (click the topic title to view the presentation videos and access the handout)

This module has 12 lessons that covers the following:

Search Influencer Boot CampLesson 1: Understanding the search engine

  • Search Engine 101
  • Information collection
  • Algorithm changes
  • Policy updates
  • Penalties

Lesson 2: Pillars of Search Influence

  • Factors that influence search engine ranking
  • Steps to take to boost online influence.

Lesson 3: Keyphrases, keywords selection and Meta Data creation for web pages

  • Identifying popular keywords and keyphrases
  • Analyzing competition strength.
  • Meta-data creation

Lesson 4: Having your website verified and listed

  • Sitemap creation
  • Submission of site to Google Webmaster Tools

Lesson 5: Localizing SEO efforts

  • Getting your business location recorded online.
  • Making your location appear in search engine results.

Lesson 6: SEO and Website Design

  • Website design 101
  • SEO and website design considerations

Lesson 7: SEO & User-Friendly E-Commerce Site

  • Checklist in the creation of an e-commerce site
  • SEO considerations for an e-commerce site.

Lesson 8: Getting Links and Avoiding Trouble

  • Link-building 101
  • Avoiding search engine penalties
  • Creating a link building campaign

Lesson 9: Analytics: Analyzing Search, Social, and Advertising Traffic

  • Understanding Google Analytics 101
  • Alexa 101
  • Open Site Explorer 101
  • Social media analytics 101

Lesson 10: Social Media and SEO

  • Social media 101
  • How social media affects search engine ranking.

Lesson 11: Search Engine Marketing Plan Creation

  • Checklist in creating a search engine marketing plan
  • Setting targets.
  • Campaign schedule.

Lesson 12: Search Engine Marketing Budget

  • Search engine marketing campaign cost items
  • SEO on limited budget

Participants with questions on any of the topics shared here can contact Janette Toral through private message.