Google Analytics Training & Certification Coaching

An entrepreneur creates an e-commerce website with the objective of  getting high visits, collect leads, generate orders, brand loyalty, among others. Various onsite enhancements and digital marketing efforts are carried out to reach targets. Google Analytics is a web analytics service used by many websites today to track and report website traffic. However, it is mostly under-utilized by most website owners. This e-learning program aims to help the e-commerce entrepreneur learn how to use the tool to:

  • Track user behavior on your site.
  • Know where your site visitors are based
  • Find out which sources point users to your site.
  • Improve site performance.
  • Evaluate performance of your marketing campaigns.
  • Increase conversion rates.
  • Retain visitors to your site.

This 2016, we are focused on the technical components in building an e-commerce platform that will help an entrepreneur become more comfortable in dealing with codes, back-end, and online technical operations. This training program is organized in partnership with Cebu Digital Hub (certified Google Partner Agency) headed by Jun Baranggan – a Certified Google Analytics and Google AdWords professional since 2010.

Training objectives:

  1. Entrepreneurs who would like to understand how Google Analytics works and use the data it generates to make better business decisions.
  2. E-Commerce and digital marketing professionals who would like to level-up their capabilities and pursue Google Analytics Certification.

Google Analytics Training & Certification CoachingTopics: (click on topic title to view the lesson video and download handout)

Module 1: Digital Analytics Fundamentals

Module 2: E-Commerce Analytics

Module 3: Mobile App Analytics

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