E-Learning Development and Marketing Boot Camp

After more than a year, Genesis Reonico of Online Jobs University and I agreed to make this e-learning course available to anyone for access.


Providing education, whether free  or paid, is proven to be an effective tool in reaching out to one’s target audience, engaging customers, and in asserting one’s expertise. However, with the high cost in organizing face-to-face sessions and traffic nowadays, e-learning is an alternative being explored by the many. When properly planned, developed, and archived, it can also remain useful for a long time.

Training objectives:e-learning3

  1. Enable participants to plan and roll-out their own e-learning programs.
  2. Define the infrastructure to be used in hosting its content and manage students.
  3. Marketing e-learning programs.
  4. Manage student relations.

Target audience:

  1. Professionals wanting to create their own e-learning programs to promote themselves and derive income from it.
  2. Educators wanting to explore e-learning as an additional supplement in teaching students.
  3. Entrepreneurs and marketing persons wanting to use e-learning to educate their target market and current customers.

Outline (click on topic title to view the presentation videos and access the handout)

Lesson 1: Introduction to e-Learning, Trends, and Technologies

Learn the basics of e-learning, industry trends, technologies, and the various players in this field influencing its directions.

Lesson 2: e-Learning Business Models

Learn the various business models that can be used to make an e-learning project sustainable. Participants are expected to create an e-business model for their e-learning project.

Lesson 3: Developing your Student Market Persona

Identify your target market and demonstrate understanding of their personal goals, challenges, and  their common response to market offers. How this knowledge can also be used in customizing your e-learning program.

Lesson 4: e-Learning Pricing and Revenue Models

Know how to price your e-learning program and how can revenues be generated – in addition to direct enrollment.

Lesson 5: e-Learning Course Creation Process

Learn how to develop your course title, description, objectives, target audience, topics, and in explaining the need for it.

Lesson 6: e-Learning Lessons Creation Process

Plan the learning process to decide the number of lessons needed and conduct style you want to be known for.

Lesson 7: e-Learning Platform Selection

Learn the various e-learning platforms and choose which one will suit your need best.

Lesson 8: e-Learning Set-Up and Customization

Will discuss the process of setting up some of the popular e-learning platforms, cost, and administration skills required to maintain it.

Lesson 9: e-Learning Promotion: Search Engine Marketing

Make your e-learning site visible in search engine results. A checklist to follow in course, lessons, and content creation.

Lesson 10: e-Learning Promotion and Student Interaction via Social Media

Use social media to market and keep your student engaged in your e-learning program.

Lesson 11: e-Learning Communication via E-Mail

Using email to promote your e-learning program and keeping in touch with students on their deadlines and submissions.

Lesson 12: e-Learning Student Relationship Management

Handling your students and help them cope with the e-learning lessons.  Keep them focused and help them rise above their trials and tight schedules to complete a program.


Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Genesis Reonico is the main trainer behind the Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program e-learning project and owns the e-learning community – Online Jobs University.

E-Commerce Advocate Janette Toral is an e-learning pioneer and have created learning programs disseminated via website, blogs, email, learning management systems, among others since 1999.

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