E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit Cebu

According to i-Metrics Asia Pacific Corporation, the Philippines’ E-Commerce Intensity Index is at 5% to 8% of our country’s gross domestic product (September 2014 Report). Its E-Commerce Maturity Scorecard also reports 28% of Filipino Internet users purchases are done electronically while 22% for payments done online.

In collaboration with Third Team Media, we brought the DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit 2014 (#ecomsummit) last November 29, 2014 at Diamond Suites & Residences, Apitong St., Cebu City (near Ayala Center).

The 6th DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit (#ecomsummit), referred hereon as E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit, was an intensive 1-day educational event on e-commerce strategies. It was also meant to celebrate the 11th year of the DigitalFilipino Club (December 25, 2014).

This 1-day event had e-commerce practitioners share insights and strategies on making e-commerce work and help grow your business.


In this event, learn how practitioners are maximizing e-commerce as a revenue channel, create new business models, improve supply chain systems, develop secure payment solutions, resolve logistics distribution needs, and understand the Filipino online behavior.


  1. Market developments this 2014-2015.
  2. Payment methods and how it affects online and offline purchasing volume.
  3. Philippines Start-up scene heads-up this 2014.
  4. Case studies on e-commerce use in top 10,000 corporations.

AGENDA (subject to change)


I. State of E-Commerce in the Philippines

Speakers / Panelists: Dr. Nick Fontanilla (President of i-Metrics Asia-Pacific Corporation), Janette Toral

Dr. Nick Fontanilla will share the latest E-Commerce Intensity Index findings on e-commerce adoption in the manufacturing, retail and wholesale, and services sector. Including the latest results from the E-Commerce Maturity Scorecard that seeks to find out online purchasing and payment behavior of Filipino Internet users.

Janette Toral will share e-commerce highlights and developments this 2014 and what can we expect on 2015.

II. E-Commerce Supply Chain Management

Speakers / Panelists: Mark Joseph Panganiban (Shopinas)

Making a traditional business migrate to a full-fledge e-commerce business is a big change. Dustin will share his lessons learned in this area that allows Island Rose remain strong and thriving today.

Mark will share how they have improved their processes as well for Shopinas to become more efficient to their merchants.

III. Mobile E-Commerce & Site Infrastructure Management – Making it Work

Speakers / Panelists: Albert Mercado (Pocket Market), Gilmar Padua (InfinityHub), Jerome Auza (Auza.net)

Albert will share their mobile e-commerce initiatives, considerations when building it, and share what works and not. Gilmar will discussed considerations for mobile site design. Jerome will discuss management of infrastructure as traffic grows.


IV. Big Data and Predictive Analytics on E-Commerce

Speakers / Panelists: Mannix Pabalan (Hashtag Digital)

Panel will discuss how various available data gathered from various sources and own site can play a role in improving your e-commerce business.

V. E-Commerce for Big Brands: Real or Hype?

Speakers / Panelists: Ruben Licera Jr. (RLComm)

A growing number of known brands and retail chains have been exploring on making e-commerce work for their business. Addressing the growing competition happening online and in the underground market. However, in some cases, results were not as glossy as expected. Is the market not there or is it a case of strategy or marketing approach? Will current players be able to sustain their competitive advantage?

VI. Online Banking and E-Payments

2 PM to 2:30 PM
Speakers / Panelists: Gretchen Veran (PaySwitch)

Filipinos who purchase online use various options to pay for goods bought including local remittance services, mobile payments, bank deposit, Paypal, and credit card. Our panel will share their observation in this space and what can we expect for next year.

VII. E-Commerce Marketing & Customer Relationship Management

Speakers / Panelists: Fleire Castro (Third Team Media) and Clarisa Briones-Bernal (Pinoy Great Deals)

Online marketing and customer relationship management goes hand-in-hand when one markets online. As the customer’s attention span gets shorter and online marketing platforms algorithms becomes more complicated, marketers are forced to adopt and at times return to time-tested basics. Our panel will share what works and not for them.

VIII. Startup Journey: Lessons Learned

Speakers / Panelists: Vince Loremia (Tudlo)

Startups today are considered lucky due to numerous opportunities they have access to. In this panel, startups will share their stories and lessons learned.

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