E-Commerce Developer Course for Entrepreneurs

When an entrepreneur decides to embark on an e-commerce project, one of the biggest challenge is working with web developers who can make their e-commerce website come to life. Without any technical knowledge, this dependence can get frustrating if you are unable to understand how things work.

E-Commerce Developer CourseThis training program is conducted in partnership with Rachel Jaro, founder of Koodi (web development company).

Training objectives:

1. Teach the participant how to create web pages and stylesheets. Be able to create a basic, but fully-functional, e-commerce website.

2. Add functionalities and animation to make the e-commerce website more dynamic, responsive, and interactive.

3. Add database and administrative dashboard to make the website easier to maintain.

Target audience:

1. Entrepreneurs and marketers who would like to understand how coding works, build a website themselves, and become more tech-savvy when dealing with web developers.

2. Newbie developers who like to get guidance in building their own e-commerce website.

Outline (click on the topic titles to view the presentation video and access the handout)

FREE Module 1: HTML / CSS

Module 2: JavaScript

Module 3: PHP / MySQL

For inquiries about this boot camp, contact Janette Toral by sending her a private message via Facebook.

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