E-Commerce Affiliate Marketing & Lead Generation Boot Camp

Once a business decides to embrace e-commerce, a lot of time and money gets invested in traditional and online marketing. Mostly centered on advertisements and content creation.

A growing number began offering affiliate or lead generation marketing that gives commission or incentives for sales or lead referrals. These are usually offered to bloggers, digital marketing specialists, and entrepreneurs who may have limited products in their online stores.

But as soon as one start getting into it, there is a  realization that adding banners and product links, social media plugs are not enough. It needs to fit in your overall business goals.

Outline (click on the topic titles to view the presentation video and download the handout)poster2 E-Commerce Affiliate Marketing

I. Introduction to Affiliate Marketing & Lead Generation

  • Overview of affiliate marketing and lead generation
  • Examples of products and services promoted through affiliate marketing and lead generation programs
  • Your business model and deciding which products to sell.
  • Selecting an affiliate program to join in.

II. Getting your site ready for affiliate promotion

  • Use a new or existing site.
  • Creating a content plan.
  • Getting affiliate links and add them to your site.
  • Inviting affiliates to sell your product.
  • Promoting your content.

III. Performance Monitoring & Improvement

  • Monitoring affiliate program performance.
  • Revisit business model.
  • Improve your content strategy.
  • Improve your promotion efforts.

We will update this module as new developments arise.